I'm a creative guy from the Czech Republic who loves Photography and Graphic design. I'm currently working as Stocksy.com photographer. I'm also open to anyone who wants to talk about the creative process or developing skills.
The most important thing was when I met Paul Schlemmer and Ondra Penicka. These two creative guys have changed my whole view on the process of creativity.
Anyway, I've already messed up a lot of projects. But, this is part of the creative process.
This website is interesting project. I hate all of ready-solutions, so I did it by myself. It was crazy month. I also decided to write everything in English, that will be pain for English speaking people, sorry, but I want to share my thoughts to the world. I've enjoyed creating photos for this webdesign. It was something like Photoshop on the desk.
Some features? Website is able to read title and decription from EXIF, because I am too lazy to create some administration. On the other hand, you can spam my e-mail by contact form. Anyway, I have a website which I want. Special thanks to Ondra Penicka and Paul Schlemmer for help with the concept and Petr Nemecek for beating Bootstrap and Javacript bugs. Thank you guys!
Ye, I am in! I became a Stocksy contributor. I am looking forward to work with these guys. You can check my profile here.